Monday, November 14, 2011

Clean Burn furnace installations

Cold weather is finally here! With the cold weather comes a high demand for waste oil heaters. We have been busy installing up to 5 furnaces a week!  As you can see by the photos, there is a Clean Burn furnace installation to suit every situation!  Here are some photos of recent installations:

Friday, September 16, 2011

Eco Heating To Attend Eastool Auction and Expo

Please join Eco Heating Systems at the Eastool Auction and Expo on Friday September 23rd from 9am-6pm, and on Saturday September 24th from 8am-3pm at the Solanco Fairgrounds in Quarryville PA.

Robert Bennett, Marty Bennett and Diane Rogers with Eco Heating Systems will be available to answer any questions you may have about burning waste oil for heat recovery in Clean Burn used oil heaters.  We will also have a new Saturn 140 waste oil furnace on display.

Used motor oil is a valuable resource produced by many types of businesses, including automobile repair shops, service stations, trucking companies, bus companies, quick lubes, and fleet maintenance facilities.  The EPA strongly encourages the recycling of used oil on site for heat recovery and as a means to end your "cradle to grave" liability for used oil.  The financial benefits of recycling waste oil by burning on site is something you should learn more about if you produce waste oil.  If you can't attend the show, please feel free to call us for more information toll free @ 866-888-1103

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gearing Up For The Heating Season

Cooler weather has arrived!  The last couple of mornings have reminded me that Fall is just around the corner.  So a few thoughts for Clean Burn waste oil furnace and boiler owners before we head into September:

1) Make sure you have cleaned your furnace, or that you schedule Eco Heating Systems to come do it for you.  Periodic annual maintenance is essential to the long term operation of your furnace, and your overall happiness with the furnace!  Just as a car or truck needs regular oil changes, your waste oil heater must be cleaned properly on a regular basis (annually for most Clean Burn owners, bi-annually for owners who burn waste oil very heavily such as quick lubes).  Clean Burn recommends you have your waste oil furnace cleaned out every 700 hours (for smaller furnaces) to 1000 hours (325,000 btu's and up).  Putting off periodic maintenance can cause expensive damage to the furnace and components. 

2) Establish a waste oil management program: train your employees on the proper handling of waste oil and the operation of the furnace.  It is best to have one employee in charge of the furnace, and a backup in case of illness.  It is also important to make sure they understand that clean used oil makes a happy furnace.  Contaminants in the used oil supply such as chlorine, anti-freeze, water and brake fluid can cause the furnace to shut down or can damage the waste oil heater parts.  Eco Heating Systems can train your employees on the proper operation of the furnace at your next periodic maintenance appointment.

3) Do not let the oil level in your used oil storage tank go below 12"!!!  If you are below 12" of waste oil in your tank, you are essentially out of oil.  This is the NUMBER ONE reason we get service calls during the heating season.  The oil pickup line is typically installed 8" - 10" from the bottom of the tank to help prevent drawing any sludge or contaminants into the oil supply line to the furnace.   To avoid paying for a service call, make sure you advise your waste oil hauler to keep about 1/4 of the oil in the tank when they come during the heating season.

And finally, here is the list of acceptable fuels for your Clean Burn used oil heater:  Crankcase oil, Transmission Fluid, New Fuel Oils #2, #4 & #5, Synthetic Used Oil, Hydraulic Fluid (up to 90 weight), Diesel Oil and Diesel Fuel (new or used)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Eco Heating Systems to Attend WMDA Mega Show 2011

Eco Heating Systems will be attending the WMDA Mega Show in Ocean City Maryland.  The show runs from September 29 - October 1st 2011.

Robert Bennett with Eco Heating Systems will be hosting a seminar on the Benefits of Recycling Waste Oil For Heat Recovery.  Waste oil is a valuable resource produced by many industries, including Automobile Repair Shops, Service Stations, Quick Lube Shops, and Fleet Maintenance Facilities.  The seminar will focus on the financial and environmental benefits of burning used oil for heat recovery.

Robert has over 25 years experience in the waste oil heating industry.  He served as service manager for Clean Burn for 15 years and was involved in the successful UL listing of Clean Burn waste oil furnaces.  Robert also assisted in writing the NFPA 31 Standard for the Installation of Oil-Burning Equipment, Chapter 12: Used Oil Burning Appliances.

Eco Heating Systems will be at booth #309 on September 30th and October 1st. Stop by to see us and to learn more about Clean Burn waste oil furnaces and boilers.  Or you may visit our website for more information or to hear about our current offers.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Clean Burn Waste Oil Heater Parts - What Clean Burn Owners Need To Know

Clean Burn used oil furnaces and used oil boilers are unique in the waste oil heating industry.  Clean Burn waste oil heaters are built from the ground up to burn used oil, unlike other cheaper brands of furnaces.  So it is very important that a Clean Burn owner only use factory authorized Clean Burn parts when doing service or periodic maintnenace on their own heaters.

1) Clean Burn Factory Authorized parts will not void your warranty:  Your Clean Burn used oil burner must be properly maintained according to the instructions in section 9 of your operators manual.  This includes using the correct, factory authorized Clean Burn parts.  Using unauthorized parts can damage your furnace, and possibly void your remaining warranty.

2) Most Clean Burn parts are interchangeable:  Do you own more than one Clean Burn boiler or furnace?  Then you have the opportunity to have some parts on hand that will work with ALL of your models.  Common parts that people have on hand for emergencies include an electric igniter (Clean Burn part #33189), 9-5 Nozzle (all models except for CB-5000, Clean Burn part #32002), 9-11 Nozzle (CB-5000 model only, Clean Burn part #32000), single piece electrode (Clean Burn part #33183), and a check valve screen (Clean Burn part# 32061).  

3) Availability:  Clean Burn parts are always in stock with your local distributor.  Beware of purchasing unauthorized parts!  The best way to make sure you are getting factory authorized parts is to call Clean Burn at 800-331-0183 and ask for your local distributor's phone number, or visit the Clean Burn website at and fill out the distributor locator form.  Note: Clean Burn does NOT sell parts factory direct.  You must contact your local distributor.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What is Used Oil? Am I a Used Oil Generator?

What is Used Oil?

According to the EPA's definition, Used oil (or waste oil) is "any oil that has been refined from crude oil or any synthetic oil that has been used and as a result of such use is contaminated by physical or chemical impurities".  This includes petroleum based and synthetic materials that are used for transmission fluid, crankcase oil, hydraulic fluid, heat transfer, or lubrication in vehicles and equipment.  The terms used oil and waste oil are used interchangeably in the industry. 

To meet EPA's definition of used oil, a substance must meet each of the following three criteria:

Origin — the first criterion for identifying used oil is based on the origin of the oil. Used oil must have been refined from crude oil or made from synthetic materials. Animal and vegetable oils are excluded from EPA's definition of used oil.

Use — the second criterion is based on whether and how the oil is used. Oils used as lubricants, hydraulic fluids, heat transfer fluids, buoyants, and for other similar purposes are considered used oil. Unused oil such as bottom clean-out waste from virgin fuel oil storage tanks or virgin fuel oil recovered from a spill, do not meet EPA's definition of used oil because these oils have never been "used." EPA's definition also excludes products used as cleaning agents or solely for their solvent properties, as well as certain petroleum-derived products like antifreeze and kerosene.

Contaminants — the third criterion is based on whether or not the oil is contaminated with either physical or chemical impurities. In other words, to meet EPA's definition, used oil must become contaminated as a result of being used. This aspect of EPA's definition includes residues and contaminants generated from handling, storing, and processing used oil. Physical contaminants could include metal shavings, sawdust, or dirt. Chemical contaminants could include solvents, halogens, or saltwater.

Your business generates used oil if you:  handle waste oil through commercial or industrial operations or from the maintenance of vehicles and equipment.  Farmers who produce less than 25 gallons/month of used oil are excluded from generator status, as are individuals who produce waste oil from the maintenance of their personal vehicles.

Source: Managing Used Oil: Advice for Small Businesses

Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Bit Of Relief At The Pumps

Prices at the fuel pumps are down a bit, an average of about 5 cents/gallon in Maryland, Delaware and Lancaster County PA. However, average fuel prices in these areas are up an average of $1.04/gallon over last year! 

For more information about current gasoline and diesel prices in your area, visit The AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report

For more information about how you can save money on your heating bills next year with a Clean Burn used oil heater, call Eco Heating Systems at 866-888-1103 or visit our website:

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Guest Blogger Marty Bennett Writes About Her Recent Travels Thru The USA

Trip Blog Installment 1

Eco Heating Systems owner Robert Bennett and his wife Marty recently took an “end of the heating season” trip to visit their children in the western United States. They drove cross country starting in Pennsylvania’s mid state and going as far west as Wyoming. Follow our blog for some highlights and insights from their trip.

Wow! This is a big country with lots of diversity and beauty. We decided to take the lower route out west and the upper route back home, so we saw some country that was familiar and some not so familiar. Apparently we made the right decision: we missed the snow in the north on our way out, and we missed the tornados down south on our way back.

Our first stop on the trip was Deep Creek Lake in western Maryland. The leaves were just starting to come out and the lake was very high. It looks like they will have plenty of water for a great summer of boating, skiing and fishing. Deep Creek is one of our favorite places to get away from it all. Besides the lake, one of our favorite places to go is the little town of Oakland. Oakland is the county seat, but it still has managed to keep a charming small town feel about it. Every time we go there, I get the sense that I have stepped back in time. This is especially true when we visit the local soda fountain and grill. I don’t think this place has changed since it first opened. It has a cute U-shaped counter with booths flanking either side. Overflow seating can be found at table and chair sets that look like they came right out of the fifties. I don’t mean that they look like they were made to look like the fifties. They truly look like they were there in the fifties. The grill makes delicious burgers and the thick and creamy shakes are served right in the milk shake can the waitress makes them in. Dottie runs the joint and adds to the 50’s ambience.

At the front of the soda fountain is an antique shop. It is always fun to look around after lunch. Again there is a sense of nostalgia as one browses through the antique dishes, books, jewelry, and paintings. Like most antique stores, there are items that aren’t worth your time, but hidden among these, you can often find little treasures. A word to the wise—make sure to get there before 3 pm as that is the time they close the soda fountain. Also, I believe Wednesdays are their busiest day of the week due to activities in town.

While we are on the subject of burgers and shakes, we found a couple of other great spots. The first was Hires which is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. They are a local hamburger joint with two or three locations dotted around the city. My daughter swears that these are the best burgers in the world. I have to admit they are really good and their buns are particularly yummy. They also make great root beer floats with their legendry Hire’s root beer. Robert, on the other hand, claims that the best burger he found in Utah was at Crown Burger. He raved about the house burger, called the Crown Burger, which includes pastrami, cheese and lots of goop on it. He likes goop on a hamburger. I had a bite, and I have to admit it was pretty darn good too. But for the real hamburger lovers out there, you might want to try the King Kong burger we saw advertized outside of Lincoln Nebraska. They made the claim that it is made with 2 pounds of beef. To me that isn’t a burger, that is dinner for eight.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Huge Victory for Businesses who produce waste oil

Great News –A Huge Victory for Businesses who produce waste oil or who are responsible for used oil management!

The EPA released the new Clean Air Act Standards in February 2011:

“How are space heaters that burn used oil addressed by today’s rules?"
The final rules do not impact the regulation of used oil burned in space heaters. Specifically, the EPA is clarifying that regulation of used oil combusted in oil fired space heaters that meets the provisions of 40 CFR 279.23 would not in any way change the current regulatory scheme or operations for burning of used oil in space heaters. This includes used oil generated by small facilities, such as auto repair shops and machine shops that have such units, and used oil generated by homeowners who change their own oil (referred to as “do-it-yourself” or “DIY” oil) that are burned in such units.”

To read the complete rule:

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fuel Prices are an average of $1.03/gallon higher than same time last year

AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report April 27, 2011

Fuel prices in the Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania Metro areas are an average of $1.03/gallon higher than the same time last year.  The highest fuel prices are in the Baltimore MD and Wilmington DE areas, with gasoline averaging $3.90/gallon and diesel averaging $$4.15/gallon.

For more information in your area, visit and click on State Prices.

For more information about Eco Heating Systems and Clean Burn waste oil furnaces, please visit our website or call toll free 1-866-888-1103

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Eco Waste Oil Heaters - Clean Burn waste oil furnaces and waste oil boilers

Service Kits on sale! 25% off now thru May 31, 2011.   If you service and clean your own Clean Burn used oil heater, call us now.  Clean Burn parts are in stock at our warehouse for your convenience.  2 day standard shipping to Maryland, Pennsylvania and Delaware.  For more information about Clean Burn waste oil furnaces, visit our website

Monday, April 11, 2011

Get your Waste Oil storge tank cleaned this summer

We have posted this before, but it is very important to get your waste oil storage tank cleaned over the summer.  This extra step can save you time, money, and a few cold days in the winter if your Clean Burn furnace shuts down due to dirty oil:

Why you should get your waste oil tank cleaned this summer:

Summer is the best time to get your waste oil storage tank cleaned. Why? Because cleaning the tank won't interfere with keeping your shop warm on a cold day!

We recommend you contact your local waste oil hauler to have them empty and clean your tank this summer. Please make sure your waste oil hauler does a thorough job - it is essential that all of the sludge is removed from the bottom of the tank. It is also a good idea to establish a waste oil management program for your employees to help them understand the importance of keeping the waste oil supply clean.

Contaminants such as anti-freeze, sludge, chlorine and water in your waste oil storage tank can all adversely affect the operation of your Clean Burn waste oil heater, or can cause serious and expensive damage. At the very least, when these items appear in your waste oil supply, you may need to call Eco Heating Systems for a service call to correct the problem.

Keep your Clean Burn waste oil heater happy by getting your waste oil storage tank cleaned early this summer (allowing you time to save up more oil for the heating season) and by keeping contaminants out of your oil supply!

Contact Eco Heating Systems if you have any questions! Toll Free 866-888-1103

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fuel prices up 85 cents/gallon over last year in Maryland and Delaware Metro areas

The AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report reports that gasoline prices are up approximately 85 cents per gallon over the same time last year.

What can you do to save money on your heating bills????
Call Eco Heating Systems and invest in a Clean Burn waste oil furnace. Toll Free 866-888-1103

Visit Eco Heating Systems Website for more information

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Barr International Truck Group Saves $25,000 in Just One Winter with Clean Burn Waste Oil Furnaces

Barr Truck Group Saves $25,000 In Just One Winter With Clean Burn Waste Oil Furnaces

LANCASTER, PA -- Barr Truck Group saved $25,000 on heating bills this past winter by converting the used motor oil collected at their two Maryland service facilities into free heat. More than 39,000 square feet of shop space spread between the Salisbury and Delmar locations is heated with Clean Burn waste oil furnaces.

“We operate 37 service bays across our two locations and generate thousands of gallons of waste oil,” says Dave Barrett, Machine Shop Manager, “To have a system that recycles that oil while saving us money is a huge advantage to our business.”

As part of the dealer network for the Navistar, Freightliner, Carrier Transicold, and Isuzu brands, Barr Truck has access to tap a nationwide recommendation pool. When research on a new heating system began, the case for Clean Burn was clear. “Once we decided to use our waste oil for heat, we really started to do our homework on the best system,” explains Barrett, “Clean Burn was recommended across the board by the other truck dealers we talked to.”

The conversion from fuel oil heat was made at their Salisbury location in 2008 with the installation of three CB-5000 units. The Delmar location converted from propane heat with a CB-5000 installed in 2008 and a CB-3500 installed in 2009.

The furnaces were installed and are now serviced by Eco Heating Systems, the Authorized Distributor for Clean Burn products in Maryland and Southern Delaware. “They’re a great group to work with,” Barrett says of the relationship with Eco Heating Systems, “The service and support we get from having a local distributor like that is really what sets Clean Burn apart.”

Barr Truck Group recycled more than 8,000 gallons of waste oil in their Clean Burn furnaces last winter alone.

“We know we can count on our Clean Burns,” says Barrett, “The reliability and available support from our distributor allows us to focus on running our business and not worrying about our furnaces.”

For more information on Barr Truck Group visit For additional details on waste oil heating products available in Maryland and Southern Delaware, visit

There are over 80,000 Clean Burn functional furnaces and boilers located throughout the world that burn millions of gallons of waste oil each year on-site, at the point of generation. This volume of waste oil would otherwise be transported on highway systems and pose a considerable risk to spills and/or contamination to the environment.

Clean Burn is an ENERGY STAR® partner. The company holds numerous industry certifications and works with the U.S. government, the Environmental Protection Agency and various associations to help coordinate the establishment of standards and regulations related to heat recovery and recycling efforts involving used motor oils.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Clean Burn waste oil furnace maintenance: About Block Flushing your oil burner

What is block flushing?  Clean Burn has designed a Block Flusher that will clean the carbon build-up from the pre-heater block inside the waste oil burner. 

Why should I have my Clean Burn furnace block flushed?  Regular furnace maintenance and block flushing is very important to keep the nozzle and burner components clean so that the burner can fire efficiently and prolong your furnace life span. 

How often should I have the block flush performed?  Once a year, or every 1000 hours. 

How can I schedule a block flush?  Eco Heating Systems will inspect your furnace at your regularly scheduled periodic maintenance appointment to determine if block flushing is required.  If you service your own waste oil heater, you may call us at 866-888-1103 to schedule a block flush. 

Visit our website for more information:

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Clean Burn Service Tip of the Week: Prevent Frozen Air Lines

Avoid frozen air lines. If you do not have operating compressed air, your Clean Burn furnace will not operate.

Humidity or condensation in your shop can materialize as water inside your air compressor lines. On very cold days, especially if your air lines are outside, or along a non-insulated exterior wall, your airline can freeze.

If you do not have operating compressed air, your Clean Burn furnace will not operate. There are two things you can do to prevent water in your air lines. 1) install air dryers on your air compressor system and make sure the air dryers are operating. 2) install an automatic water eliminator at the air compressor. Eco Heating Systems can provide a quotation to install an automatic water eliminator if you are having problems with water in your compressed air lines.

For More Clean Burn waste oil heater service tips, visit our website at:

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

AAA Fuel Gauge Report - Gasoline and Diesel Prices up average of 47 cents/gallon

Fuel prices are still rising. The AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report reports that gasoline prices are up approximately forty seven cents per gallon over the same time last year.

Location              Regular Today                Regular Last Year

Baltimore                $3.07/gallon                    $2.64/gallon

Hagerstown               $3.10/gallon                     $2.66/gallon

Salisbury                       $3.00/gallon                    $2.55/gallon

Dover                        $3.02/gallon                    $2.52/gallon

Wilmington                      $3.15/gallon                   $2.63/gallon

Lancaster                        $3.13/gallon                      $2.64/gallon

Location                      Diesel Today                    Diesel Last Year

Baltimore                        $3.50/gallon                          $2.85/gallon

Hagerstown                         $3.61/gallon                          $2.92/gallon

Salisbury                            $3.47/gallon                          $2.78/gallon

Dover                                 $3.51/gallon                        $2.82/gallon

Wilmington                           $3.52/gallon                     $2.90/gallon

Lancaster                               $3.65/gallon                       $2.97/gallon

What can you do to save money on your heating bills? Call Eco Heating Systems and invest in a Clean Burn. Toll Free 866-888-1103

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Clean Burn Parts that you should keep on hand

Here is a list of the most common parts we ship out to customers during the cold weather.

1) Ignitor (Clean Burn part #33189) - The electric ignitor on your Clean Burn furnace is what causes the "spark" that creates your flame.  If you have tried to reset your furnace and there is no spark or flame, it may be that your ignitor has gone bad.  So that you don't get caught in the cold, it is a good idea to have an extra ignitor on hand.
2) Nozzle (9-5 nozzle Clean Burn part # 32000, or 9-11 nozzle (CB-5000 only) Clean Burn part# 32002)- The nozzle on your furnace can become clogged by contaminants or dirt in your oil supply.  If you have tried cleaning your nozzle to no avail, or if there is a hard, black or "tarry" blockage in the orifice - your nozzle should be replaced. 
3) Electrode -single piece (Clean Burn part#33183)- Over time, oil residue can build up on the electrodes, or the electrode wires can become worn down and the electrode should be replaced. 

To order Clean Burn parts, please call Eco Heating Systems toll free at 1-866-888-1103 or download our parts order form: and fax it to 717-806-0335

Monday, January 3, 2011

Fuel Prices projected up to $4.00/gallon in 2011

Check out the AAA Fuel Gauge report for the average fuel prices in your area.

Fuel prices are expected to rise to as much as $4.00 to $5.00 per gallon in 2011.  What will you do to help keep your costs down?  Will you drive less?  Will you invest in a more economical car?  Will you start walking more?  We'd like to hear from you!