Thursday, December 20, 2012

Did You Know.... Waste Oil Burns Hotter Than Other Fuel Sources?

Hydrocarbons are currently the main source of the world’s electric energy and heat sources (such as home heating) because of the energy produced when burnt.  Often this energy is used directly as heat such as in homes and businesses, which use either petroleum (fuel oil), natural gas or propane. The hydrocarbon is burnt and the heat is used to fire a furnace or heat water in boilers. A similar principle is used to create electric energy in power plants.  

Waste oil has a higher percentage of hydrocarbon content than fuel oil, which increases its heating value.   The heating value of waste oil is approximately 150,000 - 155,000 btu/gallon.  Fuel oil averages 140,000 btu/gallon, propane 92,500 btu/gallon and natural gas 100,000 btu/gallon.

You will get more heat from every gallon of waste oil than any other type of heating fuel.  For more information on how you can save money on your heating bills, contact Eco Heating Systems at 866-888-1103.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Farmers Almanac Long Range Forecast for Baltimore MD


DECEMBER 2012:temperature 38° (1° below avg.); precipitation 4.5" (1.5" above avg.);Dec 1-5: Rainy periods, mild; Dec 6-10: Sunny, cool; Dec 11-14: Showers, then sunny, mildDec 15-20: Rain and snow, then sunny, cold; Dec 21-25: Periods of rain and snow, turning cold; Dec 26-29: Snow showers, cold; Dec 30-31: Ice and snow, cold.
JANUARY 2013: temperature 35° (avg.); precipitation 2.5" (1" below avg.); Jan 1-5: Snow showers, then sunny, very cold; Jan 6-10: Snow to rain, then sunny, cold; Jan 11-15: Sunny, mild; Jan 16-20: Rain to snow, then sunny, seasonable; Jan 21-27: Rainy periods, mild; Jan 28-31: Sunny, seasonable.

Annual Weather Summary: November 2012 to October 2013

Winter will be colder and drier than normal, with snowfall below normal in the north and near normal in the south. The coldest periods will be from Christmas through early January and in early and mid-February. The snowiest periods will be in mid-December, just before Christmas, and in mid- to late February.
April and May will be slightly warmer and drier than normal.
Summer will be slightly warmer and drier than normal, with the hottest periods in mid- to late June, mid- and late July, and mid-August. The strongest threat of a tropical storm will be in early June.
September and October will be warmer and drier than normal.
Click here to go to the Farmer's Alamanac Website:
Eco Heating Systems is available for Periodic Maintenance of your Clean Burn waste of Furnace.  We will be servicing customers in College Park MD, Langley Park MD, Beltsville MD, Gambrills MD, Linthicum Heights MD, Silver Spring MD, Capitol Heights MD and Bethesda MD the week of December 10th thru 14th, 2012.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Cleaning the Nozzle On Your Clean Burn Waste Oil Heater

The nozzle on your furnace is designed to create a fine spray which will ignite when the burner operates.  If debris gets into your oil supply, it can clog the nozzle - preventing ignition.  If you are having trouble lighting your furnace, please follow the steps below to clean the nozzle.

Removing the Nozzle for Cleaning:
NOTE: Due to swivel fittings on the air and oil lines, it is not necessary to disconnect these lines
when swinging the burner open.
1. Remove the lock-down nut on the mounting flange bolt.
2. Disconnect the burner power cable.
3. Carefully swing the burner open to its maintenance position.
4. Remove the nozzle from the nozzle adapter with a 5/8" socket.

Cleaning the Nozzle:
1. Unscrew the stem from the nozzle head.
2. Spray WD-40 or equivalent through the orifice to thoroughly remove any blockage.
CAUTION: DO NOT damage or deform the nozzle orifice; DO NOT use a torch tip
cleaner or other inappropriate device to clean the orifice. If the blockage is a "tarry"
material or a hard, black material, call your Clean Burn dealer for service.
3. Flush all components with WD-40 to remove oil residues.
4. Reassemble the nozzle components. When tightening the stem, just barely "snug" it down.
DO NOT over tighten.
5. Check the O-ring on the nozzle stem. Replace the O-ring if it is in the least bit cut or
6. Lubricate the O-ring on the nozzle stem with a couple of drops of new motor oil, then reinstall
the nozzle.
7. Check the electrodes for proper gap and clearances. (Figure A3 of your Clean Burn operators manual)
8. Re-install the burner and adjust for optimal performance as described in Section 6.
NOTE: If the nozzle plugs within a few days after cleaning, call Eco Heating Systems at 866-888-1103

Eco Heating Systems is a full service company, offering factory authorized sales, installation, service and periodic maintenance of all models of Clean Burn waste oil heaters.  We work in Maryland, Delaware, and the Lancaster County area of Pennsylvania. We have many happy customers in Chestertown, Salisbury, Frederick, Rockville, Gaithersburg, Aberdeen, Baltimore, Winsor Mill, Charlotte Hall, Delmar, Smyrna and everywhere in between!

Visit our website to download your operators manual:

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Monday, November 26, 2012

Questions to Ask When Shopping for a Waste Oil Furnace

When you are researching a waste oil furnace, we strongly encourage you to ask the following questions of any potential waste oil furnace supplier:

1)    Does your company specialize in waste oil furnaces?
·         Eco Heating Systems only sells, installs and services Clean Burn waste oil heaters.  That’s all we do!
·         Competitive furnaces are typically sold by automobile equipment dealers.  They know lifts and pipe benders, but they don’t know furnaces.

2)    How long has your company been in business?
·         Eco Heating Systems has been in business since September 2003, and have been saving money for business owners in Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania ever since!
·         Clean Burn has been the market leader for over 30 years, and has always been Clean Burn.  The name and the reputation have remained the same.

3)    Is the burner designed to burn waste oil, or is it a converted fuel oil burner?
·         Clean Burn burners are designed to burn used oils, and are NOT a converted fuel oil burner

4)    How easy is it for me to perform maintenance on my furnace?
·         The Clean Burn combustion chamber and burner swing open to allow for easy maintenance.  There is no complicated removal of panels and no removal of the stack required.

5)  Can I draw oil from an outside oil storage tank?
·         Clean Burn furnaces do not require inside oil storage and are able to draw oil from an outside tank due to heavy duty gear motor with capacitor start at distances up to 100 feet

         6)   Does your company provide on-site service and maintenance?
·         Clean Burn’s Authorized Distributor network is the largest in the industry.  Eco Heating Systems has factory trained service personnel at your disposal.  We provide telephone technical support or service at your door.
·         Eco Heating Systems also performs annual periodic maintenance, so you can concentrate on running your business. 

Eco Heating Systems has been providing Excellent Service to business owners in Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania for over 8 years.  Owner Robert Bennett was the service manager for Clean Burn for 15 years prior to owning Eco Heating Systems.  Call Toll Free 866-888-1103 for more information and to schedule a no-obligation, on-site furnace sizing and heat loss calculation.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Small Business Saturday! November 24th, 2012

This Saturday, November 24th is Small Business Saturday.  Co-Founded by the Small Business Administration and American Express, this is a day dedicated to helping local shops, stores and businesses draw in new business and to bring awareness to the importance of shopping in our own communities.

Please take some time this week to go over your holiday shopping list and to determine what can be purchased locally for your family and friends.  Small business is what our country was founded on, and what continues to keep our country alive.  Support your local businesses this Saturday, November 24th!

For information about where to shop and for free promotion materials (if you have a small business), visit the American Express website at  or visit the Small Business Administration website at  In addition to information about Small Business Saturday, you can find many resources for your business on the SBA's website.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Hurricane Sandy Relief

In an effort to help spread the word and help victims of Hurricane Sandy, we are providing a link to the Red Cross Donation site.  You will have the chance to specify where you would like your donation to go once you click on the link.

Thank you in advance for your donation!

Eco Heating Systems

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Section 179 Tax Deduction and Your Business

Read on to learn how the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act can help your business - This Year!

Did you know……

You can depreciate 100% of your investment in a Clean Burn waste oil furnace – this year!

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act extended the bonus depreciation and increased the section 179 deduction. For many businesses, these two provisions are only available this year and, as a result, they only have a few months to take action and save on their taxes.

What qualifies?

The section 179 deduction enables small businesses to deduct up to $250,000 of the cost of computers, machinery and equipment, oil and gas storage tanks, vehicles, furniture and other qualifying property placed in service during 2012.   

Act Now!

Section 179 changes often, and has even changed mid-year.   Take advantage of this great tax deduction now and get FREE HEAT with a Clean Burn waste oil heater!  Don’t wait until next year.  It could be too late…………………..

 Sources:      , official website for the Internal Revenue Service
                      , qualifying property list
Whether you are making a decision to invest in your business, or you already purchased and installed your qualifying equipment in 2012, you may qualify for this deduction!  Make sure to ask your accountant.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Farmers' Almanac 2012-2013 Official Winter Weather Forecast Map

The Farmers' Almanac has long been known for foretelling the weather with amazing accuracy.  This year's Winter Weather Forecast Map is now available.  And for our Clean Burn customers in Maryland, Delaware and Lancaster PA, a look at this map is great way to start preparing for the cold winter ahead.

Follow this link here to see the Farmers' Almanac Winter Forecast Map:  The forecast is cold and snowy for the Northeastern part of the United States.

A cold winter has many positive business implications for Auto Repair Shops in the Northeast.  Icy and snowy weather means more fender benders.  Towing companies get busy and drivers flock to their local Auto Body repair shops.  Many drivers prepare for the winter weather by getting a tune up in September or October.  New tires are purchased and installed in preparation for snowy weather.

Heating your shop can become a challenge when that cold weather hits and the winter winds blow, particularly if your building is not well insulated or if your doors are open often.  Heating bills often go through the roof, bringing business owners to ask the question:  How can I save money on my heating bills?

If your company is not prepared for heating during this year's winter weather, or for more information about Clean Burn waste oil furnaces,  please contact Eco Heating Systems at 866-888-1103.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Reminder:  #1 reason for Service Calls this time of year.

As the nights get cooler, we realize that cold weather is coming so keep an eye on the oil levels in your tank. You will burn through your oil more quickly with these colder temperatures.

To avoid running out of fuel:
1.         Check your tank every day and keep your tank at least half full at all times
2.         Don’t let your used oil hauler take oil without your permission.
3.         Remember, the pickup tube is 10 to 12 inches of the bottom of your tank so it doesn’t pick up the junk that settles at the bottom of the tank.  As a result, it is easy to overestimate the amount of available oil in your tank.  

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

All Girls Garage video and link

The All Girls Garage video is on our site.  Follow this link,, to the CB website and click on All Girls Garage.  We posted the video on YouTube through our account so you and our customers don’t have to wait for the video to buffer.

Monday, July 16, 2012

How to Be Happy with Your Waste Oil Furnace

How to Be Happy with Your Waste Oil Furnace

Welcome to our blog about the wonderful world of waste oil furnaces!  It is our goal to educate our readers about how to find satisfaction with their waste oil furnaces.  To that end here are four tips that will help to make your waste oil furnace experience a happy one.

1.  Start out on the right foot by purchasing a waste oil furnace that truly was designed to burn waste oilDon’t make the mistake of buying a converted fuel oil furnace.     The Clean Burn waste oil furnace is NOT a converted fuel oil furnace.  In fact, Clean Burn furnaces are the only waste oil furnaces on the market truly designed to burn waste oil.  This allows you to maximize the efficiency of every gallon of oil.  You get more BTU’s out of a Clean Burn furnace!

2.  Have an authorized Clean Burn representative install your furnace.  How well your furnace is installed will have an impact on how well your furnace operates. Be sure to have a company with Clean Burn experience install your furnace.  ECO HEATING SYSTEMS is the authorized distributor of Clean Burn products for Maryland and Delaware. Our company has over twenty years of experience with Clean Burn furnaces and boilers.  Experience Does Matter.

3.   Make sure to put authorized fuels in your tank.  Just like an automobile needs the proper fuel in its tank, so does a waste oil furnace.  Customers who have an effective fuel management plan can have great success with their waste oil furnaces.

4.   An annual maintenance is an important part of caring for your waste oil furnace.   At ECO HEATING SYSTEMS we highly recommend that our customers have a yearly periodic maintenance on their furnaces.  This includes a block flush.  Clean Burn has designed block flushing equipment that will clean the carbon build-up from the pre-heater block in the burner.  Over time heat causes the oil to build up in your burner. It is very important that this block flush is done to keep the nozzle and the burner components clean so that the burner can fire efficiently and last longer.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

New Clean Burn Warranty

At Eco Heating Systems things just keep getting better and better!  We are excited to introduce the new Clean Burn warranty.  Instead of a 10 year / 7500 hour pro-rated warranty, Clean Burn has just announced their new warranty to a straight 10 / 15,000 hour warranty.  That is right, they have literally doubled the number of hours covered under their warranty.  This tells you just how confident Clean Burn is about the durability of their furnaces and that means money in your pocket.  Isn’t it nice to know that in a “throw-away world” you still can find value for your dollar.

Just another reason why those who know say “Better get a Clean Burn!”

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring is early!

Spring is early this year

Now is the smartest time to get your Clean Burn waste oil furnace serviced by your professional Clean Burn technician.

Farmers’ almanac and are both calling for some warm and rainy weather. It’s a good time to shut off that furnace for the summer.

Take advantage of our Early Bird Special while it lasts.
Call for details!
Toll Free 1-866-888-1103

If you have missed your annual maintenance or haven’t used your furnace much this year don’t neglect getting your furnace serviced.

On average you should change the oil in your vehicle every 4,000 miles or every 3 months. Likewise, maintenance on your furnace should be done every 800 hours or every year. An oil change maintains the functionality of your car, as the annual maintenance on your furnace maintains the performance and durability of your equipment. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

So far this month the Farmer’s Almanac has been correct in our weather forecast. They are predicting more snow in the next 2 weeks. It will be interesting to see if our local weather man or the Farmer’s Almanac has it right. What are your predictions? More snow? Warmer weather? Tell us what you think.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Farmer's Almanac says winter weather is on the way.

The Farmer’s Almanac is predicting real winter conditions for February.

8th-11th Wet snow mixed with rain in the Mid-Atlantic north through the New England areas, slushy accumulations of 4+” possible.

12th-15th Light snow, then fair skies.

16th-19th Unsettled.

20th-23rd Heavy wet snow sweeps up through the Mid-Atlantic area across the rest of the Northeast, 12+” possible, the fair, cold.

24th-29th Spotty snow/flurries; could turn steadier, heavier over eastern New England.

Don’t get left out in the cold!

Call Eco Heating Systems 1-866-888-1103 to find out when your annual maintenance is due.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cold Weather Reminder

Reminder:  #1 reason for services calls this time of year.

 Cold weather is here so keep an eye on the oil levels in your tank. You will burn through your oil more quickly with these colder temperatures.

To avoid running out of fuel:
1.         Check your tank every day and keep your tank at least half full at all times
2.         Don’t let your used oil hauler take oil without your permission.
3.         Remember, the pickup tube is 10 to 12 inches of the bottom of your tank so it doesn’t pick up the junk that settles at the bottom of the tank.  As a result, it is easy to overestimate the amount of available oil in your tank.  

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Preventative Maintenance

We hope you are pleased with your Clean Burn furnace.

We would like to share a few preventative maintenance thoughts with you.

Don’t run out of fuel
It has been our experience that on average 70% of new customer issues stem from poor fuel management. It is very important to keep sufficient fuel in your waste oil storage tank. This is the #1 one source of service calls in the winter. We recommend you keep a minimum of 20" of oil in your tank at all times. Never let your waste oil hauler take your oil supply below 1/2 tank during the heating season.

We highly recommend you put an Oil Control program onsite. You must avoid fluids such as antifreeze, water and chlorine. Providing a plan will prevent your furnace from shutting down or rotting from contaminants.

Air Compressor:
Always leave your air compressor running over night. There is not enough compressed air to assume it will run though the night, it will not. Be aware of water accumulation which may freeze your line or contaminate your oil.

Avoid frozen air lines
If you do not have operating compressed air, your Clean Burn furnace will not operate. There are two things you can do to prevent water in your air lines.
1) Install air dryers on your air compressor system and make sure the air dryers are operating.
2) Install an automatic water eliminator at the air compressor.
(Eco Heating Systems can provide a quotation to install an automatic water eliminator if you are having problems with water in your compressed air line.)

Acceptable Fuels for your Clean Burn heater
Crankcase oil, Transmission Fluid, New Fuel Oils #2, #4 & #5, Synthetic Used Oil, Hydraulic Fluid (up to 90 weight), Diesel Oil and Diesel Fuel (new or used)