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Barr International Truck Group Saves $25,000 in Just One Winter with Clean Burn Waste Oil Furnaces

Barr Truck Group Saves $25,000 In Just One Winter With Clean Burn Waste Oil Furnaces

LANCASTER, PA -- Barr Truck Group saved $25,000 on heating bills this past winter by converting the used motor oil collected at their two Maryland service facilities into free heat. More than 39,000 square feet of shop space spread between the Salisbury and Delmar locations is heated with Clean Burn waste oil furnaces.

“We operate 37 service bays across our two locations and generate thousands of gallons of waste oil,” says Dave Barrett, Machine Shop Manager, “To have a system that recycles that oil while saving us money is a huge advantage to our business.”

As part of the dealer network for the Navistar, Freightliner, Carrier Transicold, and Isuzu brands, Barr Truck has access to tap a nationwide recommendation pool. When research on a new heating system began, the case for Clean Burn was clear. “Once we decided to use our waste oil for heat, we really started to do our homework on the best system,” explains Barrett, “Clean Burn was recommended across the board by the other truck dealers we talked to.”

The conversion from fuel oil heat was made at their Salisbury location in 2008 with the installation of three CB-5000 units. The Delmar location converted from propane heat with a CB-5000 installed in 2008 and a CB-3500 installed in 2009.

The furnaces were installed and are now serviced by Eco Heating Systems, the Authorized Distributor for Clean Burn products in Maryland and Southern Delaware. “They’re a great group to work with,” Barrett says of the relationship with Eco Heating Systems, “The service and support we get from having a local distributor like that is really what sets Clean Burn apart.”

Barr Truck Group recycled more than 8,000 gallons of waste oil in their Clean Burn furnaces last winter alone.

“We know we can count on our Clean Burns,” says Barrett, “The reliability and available support from our distributor allows us to focus on running our business and not worrying about our furnaces.”

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There are over 80,000 Clean Burn functional furnaces and boilers located throughout the world that burn millions of gallons of waste oil each year on-site, at the point of generation. This volume of waste oil would otherwise be transported on highway systems and pose a considerable risk to spills and/or contamination to the environment.

Clean Burn is an ENERGY STAR® partner. The company holds numerous industry certifications and works with the U.S. government, the Environmental Protection Agency and various associations to help coordinate the establishment of standards and regulations related to heat recovery and recycling efforts involving used motor oils.

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Clean Burn waste oil furnace maintenance: About Block Flushing your oil burner

What is block flushing?  Clean Burn has designed a Block Flusher that will clean the carbon build-up from the pre-heater block inside the waste oil burner. 

Why should I have my Clean Burn furnace block flushed?  Regular furnace maintenance and block flushing is very important to keep the nozzle and burner components clean so that the burner can fire efficiently and prolong your furnace life span. 

How often should I have the block flush performed?  Once a year, or every 1000 hours. 

How can I schedule a block flush?  Eco Heating Systems will inspect your furnace at your regularly scheduled periodic maintenance appointment to determine if block flushing is required.  If you service your own waste oil heater, you may call us at 866-888-1103 to schedule a block flush. 

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