Friday, November 22, 2013

Cold Turkey?

I just read an article about this being the coldest Thanksgiving forecasted in nearly 60 years.  The article said this cold snap would cover most of the eastern United States.
Cold seasons like the one coming provide proof that a Clean Burn waste oil furnace is worth its weight in gold and a great reason so many people say ...You Better Get a Clean Burn.

How To Be Happy With Your Waste Oil Furnace, Part 4

An annual maintenance is an important part of caring for your waste oil furnace.   At ECO HEATING SYSTEMS we highly recommend that our customers have a yearly periodic maintenance on their furnaces.  This includes a block flush.  Clean Burn has designed block flushing equipment that will clean the carbon build-up from the pre-heater block in the burner.  Over time heat causes the oil to build up in your burner. It is very important that this block flush is done to keep the nozzle and the burner components clean so that the burner can fire efficiently and last longer.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

How To Be Happy With Your Clean Burn Waste Oil Furnace, Part 3

Make sure to put authorized fuels in your tank.  Just like an automobile needs the proper fuel in its tank, so does a waste oil furnace.  Customers who have an effective fuel management plan can have great success with their waste oil furnaces.

Clean Burn waste oil heaters are designed from the ground up to burn waste oil.  That's right~dirty, used waste oil.  The following can happily burn to keep you warm:

  • Transmission Fluid
  • New Fuel Oils #2, #4 and #5
  • Synthetic Used Oil
  • Hydraulic Fluid (up to 90 weight)
  • Diesel Oil and Diesel Fuel (new or used)

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

How To Be Happy with your Waste Oil Furnace, part 2

The second tip that will help to make your waste oil furnace experience a happy one is:
Have an authorized Clean Burn representative install your furnace.  How well your furnace is installed will have an impact on how well your furnace operates.  ECO HEATING SYSTEMS is the authorized distributor of Clean Burn products in Maryland and Delaware.  Our company has over twenty five years of experience with Clean Burn furnaces and boilers.
Experience Does Matter!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

How To Be Happy With Your Waste Oil Furnace

Welcome to our blog about the wonderful world of waste oil furnaces!  It is our goal to educate our readers about how to find satisfaction with their waste oil furnaces.  To that end, here is the first of four tips that will help to make your waste oil furnace experience a happy one.

1.  Start out on the right foot by purchasing a waste oil furnace that truly was designed to burn waste oilDon’t make the mistake of buying a converted fuel oil furnace.     The Clean Burn waste oil furnace is NOT a converted fuel oil furnace.  In fact, Clean Burn furnaces are the only waste oil furnaces on the market truly designed to burn waste oil.  This allows you to maximize the efficiency of every gallon of oil.  You get more BTU’s out of a Clean Burn furnace!

Call Eco Heating Systems today at 866-888-1103!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

How much is your "Used Oil" worth?

Are you getting paid for a waste oil hauler to haul away the used oil you generate?  If you are, you may be getting only one third of its value or less, depending upon the fuel type you currently heat with.

Every gallon of used oil has 140,000 BTUs of energy; enough to power a waste oil furnace for about an hour, making it simple to calculate potential savings.

Every 1,000 gallons of used oil your business generates can eliminate the following from your annual heating bill: 
    $2,200 Natural Gas
    $4,000 Propane
    $3,000 Heating Oil
    $4,500 Electricity

Monday, April 8, 2013

Customer Referral


You already know that Clean Burn saves you money.  Why not tell your friends?

We know our customers are our biggest asset.  We’d like to show how much we appreciate it by introducing our Customer Referral Program.  

For every referral you make that purchases a new furnace, we will send you a $100 finders fee.  Just call our office, and give us the name of a potential Clean Burn customer.  
We’ll do the rest!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Early Bird Special

It’s been a really cold winter!!!
It is more important than ever to have your furnace serviced.

NOW IS THE TIME FOR A TUNE UP!   Your Clean Burn furnace has worked hard this past heating season and needs to be cleaned and serviced.  Just as with a car or truck, timely maintenance keeps your furnace in top condition and avoids costly problems. 
It’s easy!  Check the hour meter on your furnace, and call us at
866-888-1103. We’ll let you know if your furnace is ready for maintenance.

Eco Heating Systems is your factory authorized Clean Burn distributor for Maryland and Southern Delaware.  Please call today to schedule a trained technician to come to your location and service your furnace.

Your Periodic Maintenance will include the following:
q  Inspection of the furnace system
q  Clean out the ash from the furnace
q  Clean the canister filter
q  Remove and block flush the burner
q  Install replacement components as required
q  Clean the check valve and screen
q  Reinstall and tune up the burner
q  Check overall performance of the furnace
q  Start up and check operation of furnace

Take advantage of our early bird offer today to avoid trip charges and service problems!  This offer ends soon.  Please call for a quote.

Eco Heating Systems

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Farmer's Almanac Long Range Forecast through March 2013

1st-3rd. Fair skies.

4th-7th. Light snow or rain.

8th-11th. Showery weather possible, especially for the coast, as a storm sweeps across the Mid-Atlantic.

12th-15th. Scattered showers.

16th-19th. Unsettled, gusty winds, with mixed rain and wet snow.

20th-23rd. A major coastal storm with strong winds and heavy precipitation.

24th-27th. Showers from Virginia and Maryland to New England, then fair.

28th-31st. Another coastal storm! More wind, rain and snow, just in time for Easter.

Keep your furnaces in top running condition as we wait for the arrival of Spring.  Don't run low or out of oil and be sure to keep your supply contaminant free!