Thursday, October 10, 2013

How To Be Happy With Your Waste Oil Furnace

Welcome to our blog about the wonderful world of waste oil furnaces!  It is our goal to educate our readers about how to find satisfaction with their waste oil furnaces.  To that end, here is the first of four tips that will help to make your waste oil furnace experience a happy one.

1.  Start out on the right foot by purchasing a waste oil furnace that truly was designed to burn waste oilDon’t make the mistake of buying a converted fuel oil furnace.     The Clean Burn waste oil furnace is NOT a converted fuel oil furnace.  In fact, Clean Burn furnaces are the only waste oil furnaces on the market truly designed to burn waste oil.  This allows you to maximize the efficiency of every gallon of oil.  You get more BTU’s out of a Clean Burn furnace!

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