Monday, May 5, 2014

What You Should Know About Waste Oil

Waste oil heating is our business.  As the Maryland Authorized Distributor for Clean Burn waste oil heaters, we can help you understand waste oil and what to do with it.

Waste Oil Options:  You can give it away, or you can burn it.  If you give it away, the hauler will truck it many miles to a refinery.  There they will re-refine the oil and then resell it to other shops to burn as fuel. 

Let a hauler take it away - Waste Oil disposal carries a cradle to grave liability.  This means that even if a waste oil hauler takes away your oil, you are still responsible for it in the event of an accident or spill.

Waste Oil is:  Free Fuel!  In our economy, there is no better way to save money than to burn your existing waste oil as a free heat source

Summer time is cleanup time!
Summer is the best time to have your tank cleaned out.  Waste oil contains sediment, which will settle on the bottom of your tank.  This sediment can easily become displaced by a used oil hauler, or simply by adding oil to your tank.  Floating sediment can cause trouble when you operate your heater.  Clogged filters, a clogged nozzle, or dirty electrodes are just a few problems that can arise when your tank contains sediment.  Arrange now to have your tank cleaned out, and enjoy a problem-free heating season!