Friday, November 22, 2013

Cold Turkey?

I just read an article about this being the coldest Thanksgiving forecasted in nearly 60 years.  The article said this cold snap would cover most of the eastern United States.
Cold seasons like the one coming provide proof that a Clean Burn waste oil furnace is worth its weight in gold and a great reason so many people say ...You Better Get a Clean Burn.

How To Be Happy With Your Waste Oil Furnace, Part 4

An annual maintenance is an important part of caring for your waste oil furnace.   At ECO HEATING SYSTEMS we highly recommend that our customers have a yearly periodic maintenance on their furnaces.  This includes a block flush.  Clean Burn has designed block flushing equipment that will clean the carbon build-up from the pre-heater block in the burner.  Over time heat causes the oil to build up in your burner. It is very important that this block flush is done to keep the nozzle and the burner components clean so that the burner can fire efficiently and last longer.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

How To Be Happy With Your Clean Burn Waste Oil Furnace, Part 3

Make sure to put authorized fuels in your tank.  Just like an automobile needs the proper fuel in its tank, so does a waste oil furnace.  Customers who have an effective fuel management plan can have great success with their waste oil furnaces.

Clean Burn waste oil heaters are designed from the ground up to burn waste oil.  That's right~dirty, used waste oil.  The following can happily burn to keep you warm:

  • Transmission Fluid
  • New Fuel Oils #2, #4 and #5
  • Synthetic Used Oil
  • Hydraulic Fluid (up to 90 weight)
  • Diesel Oil and Diesel Fuel (new or used)