Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cold Weather Reminder

Reminder:  #1 reason for services calls this time of year.

 Cold weather is here so keep an eye on the oil levels in your tank. You will burn through your oil more quickly with these colder temperatures.

To avoid running out of fuel:
1.         Check your tank every day and keep your tank at least half full at all times
2.         Don’t let your used oil hauler take oil without your permission.
3.         Remember, the pickup tube is 10 to 12 inches of the bottom of your tank so it doesn’t pick up the junk that settles at the bottom of the tank.  As a result, it is easy to overestimate the amount of available oil in your tank.  

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Preventative Maintenance

We hope you are pleased with your Clean Burn furnace.

We would like to share a few preventative maintenance thoughts with you.

Don’t run out of fuel
It has been our experience that on average 70% of new customer issues stem from poor fuel management. It is very important to keep sufficient fuel in your waste oil storage tank. This is the #1 one source of service calls in the winter. We recommend you keep a minimum of 20" of oil in your tank at all times. Never let your waste oil hauler take your oil supply below 1/2 tank during the heating season.

We highly recommend you put an Oil Control program onsite. You must avoid fluids such as antifreeze, water and chlorine. Providing a plan will prevent your furnace from shutting down or rotting from contaminants.

Air Compressor:
Always leave your air compressor running over night. There is not enough compressed air to assume it will run though the night, it will not. Be aware of water accumulation which may freeze your line or contaminate your oil.

Avoid frozen air lines
If you do not have operating compressed air, your Clean Burn furnace will not operate. There are two things you can do to prevent water in your air lines.
1) Install air dryers on your air compressor system and make sure the air dryers are operating.
2) Install an automatic water eliminator at the air compressor.
(Eco Heating Systems can provide a quotation to install an automatic water eliminator if you are having problems with water in your compressed air line.)

Acceptable Fuels for your Clean Burn heater
Crankcase oil, Transmission Fluid, New Fuel Oils #2, #4 & #5, Synthetic Used Oil, Hydraulic Fluid (up to 90 weight), Diesel Oil and Diesel Fuel (new or used)