Monday, April 8, 2013

Customer Referral


You already know that Clean Burn saves you money.  Why not tell your friends?

We know our customers are our biggest asset.  We’d like to show how much we appreciate it by introducing our Customer Referral Program.  

For every referral you make that purchases a new furnace, we will send you a $100 finders fee.  Just call our office, and give us the name of a potential Clean Burn customer.  
We’ll do the rest!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Early Bird Special

It’s been a really cold winter!!!
It is more important than ever to have your furnace serviced.

NOW IS THE TIME FOR A TUNE UP!   Your Clean Burn furnace has worked hard this past heating season and needs to be cleaned and serviced.  Just as with a car or truck, timely maintenance keeps your furnace in top condition and avoids costly problems. 
It’s easy!  Check the hour meter on your furnace, and call us at
866-888-1103. We’ll let you know if your furnace is ready for maintenance.

Eco Heating Systems is your factory authorized Clean Burn distributor for Maryland and Southern Delaware.  Please call today to schedule a trained technician to come to your location and service your furnace.

Your Periodic Maintenance will include the following:
q  Inspection of the furnace system
q  Clean out the ash from the furnace
q  Clean the canister filter
q  Remove and block flush the burner
q  Install replacement components as required
q  Clean the check valve and screen
q  Reinstall and tune up the burner
q  Check overall performance of the furnace
q  Start up and check operation of furnace

Take advantage of our early bird offer today to avoid trip charges and service problems!  This offer ends soon.  Please call for a quote.

Eco Heating Systems