Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Early Bird Special

It’s been a really cold winter!!!
It is more important than ever to have your furnace serviced.

NOW IS THE TIME FOR A TUNE UP!   Your Clean Burn furnace has worked hard this past heating season and needs to be cleaned and serviced.  Just as with a car or truck, timely maintenance keeps your furnace in top condition and avoids costly problems. 
It’s easy!  Check the hour meter on your furnace, and call us at
866-888-1103. We’ll let you know if your furnace is ready for maintenance.

Eco Heating Systems is your factory authorized Clean Burn distributor for Maryland and Southern Delaware.  Please call today to schedule a trained technician to come to your location and service your furnace.

Your Periodic Maintenance will include the following:
q  Inspection of the furnace system
q  Clean out the ash from the furnace
q  Clean the canister filter
q  Remove and block flush the burner
q  Install replacement components as required
q  Clean the check valve and screen
q  Reinstall and tune up the burner
q  Check overall performance of the furnace
q  Start up and check operation of furnace

Take advantage of our early bird offer today to avoid trip charges and service problems!  This offer ends soon.  Please call for a quote.

Eco Heating Systems

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