Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Clean Burn waste oil furnace maintenance: About Block Flushing your oil burner

What is block flushing?  Clean Burn has designed a Block Flusher that will clean the carbon build-up from the pre-heater block inside the waste oil burner. 

Why should I have my Clean Burn furnace block flushed?  Regular furnace maintenance and block flushing is very important to keep the nozzle and burner components clean so that the burner can fire efficiently and prolong your furnace life span. 

How often should I have the block flush performed?  Once a year, or every 1000 hours. 

How can I schedule a block flush?  Eco Heating Systems will inspect your furnace at your regularly scheduled periodic maintenance appointment to determine if block flushing is required.  If you service your own waste oil heater, you may call us at 866-888-1103 to schedule a block flush. 

Visit our website for more information:  http://www.ecowasteoilheaters.com/

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  1. Great post. As technology grows, is it possible to have a built-in block flushing in a waste oil heaters? Do you have any recommendation to where i can the best waste oil heaters.