Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Cleaning the Nozzle On Your Clean Burn Waste Oil Heater

The nozzle on your furnace is designed to create a fine spray which will ignite when the burner operates.  If debris gets into your oil supply, it can clog the nozzle - preventing ignition.  If you are having trouble lighting your furnace, please follow the steps below to clean the nozzle.

Removing the Nozzle for Cleaning:
NOTE: Due to swivel fittings on the air and oil lines, it is not necessary to disconnect these lines
when swinging the burner open.
1. Remove the lock-down nut on the mounting flange bolt.
2. Disconnect the burner power cable.
3. Carefully swing the burner open to its maintenance position.
4. Remove the nozzle from the nozzle adapter with a 5/8" socket.

Cleaning the Nozzle:
1. Unscrew the stem from the nozzle head.
2. Spray WD-40 or equivalent through the orifice to thoroughly remove any blockage.
CAUTION: DO NOT damage or deform the nozzle orifice; DO NOT use a torch tip
cleaner or other inappropriate device to clean the orifice. If the blockage is a "tarry"
material or a hard, black material, call your Clean Burn dealer for service.
3. Flush all components with WD-40 to remove oil residues.
4. Reassemble the nozzle components. When tightening the stem, just barely "snug" it down.
DO NOT over tighten.
5. Check the O-ring on the nozzle stem. Replace the O-ring if it is in the least bit cut or
6. Lubricate the O-ring on the nozzle stem with a couple of drops of new motor oil, then reinstall
the nozzle.
7. Check the electrodes for proper gap and clearances. (Figure A3 of your Clean Burn operators manual)
8. Re-install the burner and adjust for optimal performance as described in Section 6.
NOTE: If the nozzle plugs within a few days after cleaning, call Eco Heating Systems at 866-888-1103

Eco Heating Systems is a full service company, offering factory authorized sales, installation, service and periodic maintenance of all models of Clean Burn waste oil heaters.  We work in Maryland, Delaware, and the Lancaster County area of Pennsylvania. We have many happy customers in Chestertown, Salisbury, Frederick, Rockville, Gaithersburg, Aberdeen, Baltimore, Winsor Mill, Charlotte Hall, Delmar, Smyrna and everywhere in between!

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