Thursday, July 7, 2011

Clean Burn Waste Oil Heater Parts - What Clean Burn Owners Need To Know

Clean Burn used oil furnaces and used oil boilers are unique in the waste oil heating industry.  Clean Burn waste oil heaters are built from the ground up to burn used oil, unlike other cheaper brands of furnaces.  So it is very important that a Clean Burn owner only use factory authorized Clean Burn parts when doing service or periodic maintnenace on their own heaters.

1) Clean Burn Factory Authorized parts will not void your warranty:  Your Clean Burn used oil burner must be properly maintained according to the instructions in section 9 of your operators manual.  This includes using the correct, factory authorized Clean Burn parts.  Using unauthorized parts can damage your furnace, and possibly void your remaining warranty.

2) Most Clean Burn parts are interchangeable:  Do you own more than one Clean Burn boiler or furnace?  Then you have the opportunity to have some parts on hand that will work with ALL of your models.  Common parts that people have on hand for emergencies include an electric igniter (Clean Burn part #33189), 9-5 Nozzle (all models except for CB-5000, Clean Burn part #32002), 9-11 Nozzle (CB-5000 model only, Clean Burn part #32000), single piece electrode (Clean Burn part #33183), and a check valve screen (Clean Burn part# 32061).  

3) Availability:  Clean Burn parts are always in stock with your local distributor.  Beware of purchasing unauthorized parts!  The best way to make sure you are getting factory authorized parts is to call Clean Burn at 800-331-0183 and ask for your local distributor's phone number, or visit the Clean Burn website at and fill out the distributor locator form.  Note: Clean Burn does NOT sell parts factory direct.  You must contact your local distributor.

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