Thursday, January 20, 2011

Clean Burn Parts that you should keep on hand

Here is a list of the most common parts we ship out to customers during the cold weather.

1) Ignitor (Clean Burn part #33189) - The electric ignitor on your Clean Burn furnace is what causes the "spark" that creates your flame.  If you have tried to reset your furnace and there is no spark or flame, it may be that your ignitor has gone bad.  So that you don't get caught in the cold, it is a good idea to have an extra ignitor on hand.
2) Nozzle (9-5 nozzle Clean Burn part # 32000, or 9-11 nozzle (CB-5000 only) Clean Burn part# 32002)- The nozzle on your furnace can become clogged by contaminants or dirt in your oil supply.  If you have tried cleaning your nozzle to no avail, or if there is a hard, black or "tarry" blockage in the orifice - your nozzle should be replaced. 
3) Electrode -single piece (Clean Burn part#33183)- Over time, oil residue can build up on the electrodes, or the electrode wires can become worn down and the electrode should be replaced. 

To order Clean Burn parts, please call Eco Heating Systems toll free at 1-866-888-1103 or download our parts order form: and fax it to 717-806-0335

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