Wednesday, November 17, 2010

AAA Fuel Gauge Report: Fuel prices are up 30 cents/gallon over last year

As the weather gets colder, fuel prices are beginning to increase.  The AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report reports that gasoline prices are up approximately thirty cents per gallon over the same time last year. 

Location         Regular Today     Regular Last Year
Baltimore        $2.86/gallon        $2.58/gallon
Hagerstown     $2.92/gallon        $2.70/gallon
Salisbury         $2.85/gallon         $2.65/gallon
Dover              $2.89/gallon         $2.52/gallon
Wilmington     $2.94/gallon         $2.61/gallon

Location        Diesel Today       Diesel Last Year
Baltimore      $3.16/gallon        $2.79/gallon
Hagerstown   $3.23/gallon        $2.89/gallon
Salisbury        $3.16/gallon       $2.88/gallon
Dover            $3.16/gallon        $2.74/gallon
Wilmington    $3.24/gallon       $2.87/gallon

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