Monday, June 14, 2010

Why you should get your waste oil tank cleaned this summer

Spring cleaning is all the rage, but Summer is the best time to get your waste oil storage tank cleaned.  Why?  Because cleaning the tank won't interfere with keeping your shop warm on a cold day!

We recommend you contact your local waste oil hauler to have them empty and clean your tank this summer.  Please make sure your waste oil hauler does a thorough job - it is essential that all of the sludge is removed from the bottom of the tank. 
It is also a good idea to establish a waste oil management program for your employees to help them understand the importance of keeping the waste oil supply clean. 

Contaminants such as anti-freeze, sludge and water in your waste oil storage tank can all adversely affect the operation of your Clean Burn waste oil heater, or can cause serious and expensive damage.  At the very least, when these items appear in your waste oil supply, you may need to call Eco Heating Systems for a service call to correct the problem.

Keep your Clean Burn happy by getting your waste oil storage tank cleaned early this summer (allowing you time to save up more oil for the heating season) and by keeping contaminants out of your oil supply!

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