Monday, June 21, 2010

Clean Burn Summer Maintenance Specials

Eco Heating Systems is currently offering Summer Maintenance discounts on all Clean Burn waste oil furnaces and boilers. 

Last year was a very cold winter, and we have found that our customers really ran their furnaces hard this past heating season.  Just as a car requires periodic maintenance such as oil changes, your Clean Burn furnace also requires regularly scheduled service. 

Clean Burn recommends that you have your furnace serviced at least once per year, or about every 700 hours.  Smaller furnaces and furnaces which are constantly being run may require more frequent cleaning, so be sure to keep track of your hour usage!

Your tune up will include:
  • Inspection of the furnace system
  • Clean out of the ash from the furnace
  • Clean the canister filter
  • Remove and block flush the burner
  • Inspection of the metering pump
  • Clean the check valve and screen
  • Clean the CAD cell, nozzle and electrodes
  • Reinstall and adjust the burner
  • Install Clean Burn replacement parts as required

If you have not already scheduled to have your Clean Burn furnace or boiler cleaned, now is the time to call!  Please call Toll Free 866-888-1103 to schedule your Periodic Maintenance.  The summer specials run now through July 31st, 2010.

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