Monday, May 11, 2015

A Healthy, Happy Furnace

There are important things that you can do to protect your investment in your Clean Burn waste oil furnace.  Using only acceptable fuels consistently is extremely important. 

Following a maintenance schedule is also critical for your furnace.  Cleaning the flues and cabinet will prolong the life of your furnace.  As your furnace runs, ash accumulates in its flue tubes.  If this ash is not cleaned out on a proper maintenance interval, it will clog the tubes causing heat reduction and, if left too long, damage to your furnace.

Please get into the habit of recording your operating hours at the beginning of each month during the heating season.  When you are getting close to 700 hours, please call our office to get on the schedule for maintenance.  Some of our customers are very proactive and have us do minor periodic maintenance midway through heating season.  They do not want to run the risk of damaging their furnace or invalidating their warranty.

If your fuel source frequently contains contaminants, your furnace may require more frequent clean out of ash.  (Please Note:  We do NOT recommend burning contaminants.)

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