Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Don’t Let This Happen to You!

Late last fall we had a prospective customer who wanted a Clean Burn furnace in the worst way.  We tried every which way to get him financing but to no avail.  Finally, we came up with the idea to offer him a layaway plan so he could make payments without interest and without the need for financial approval.  He could pay what he could afford each month until he paid off the cost of his furnace and installation.  Because it was well into the heating season and he wanted to start to save on his heating bills right away, the customer decided to by an “off the shelf” brand.  Unfortunately, he did not realize at the time that not only had he bought a furnace that would have no back up support, but he also did not anticipate the difficulties he would have in trying to find someone to install it.  

We talked to him this spring and learned that his new furnace is still sitting on the floor of his shop.  Not only did make large payments on the equipment throughout the winter, but he also continued to pay high fuel bills.  His parting words to us were “I should have gotten a Clean Burn.”  

Please call us today so you can get a Clean Burn!

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