Monday, August 9, 2010

Clean Burn saves you money - Just ask our customers!

Clean Burn waste oil heaters save you money.  Just see what our customers have to say:

Lou at A.C. Tire in Marlow Heights MD says this:
"The only way to beat the energy crisis is to invest in your own company to lower your heating costs.  Putting a Clean Burn heater in your shop will reduce your heating bills, and anything you can do under your own roof to save money is a win/win situation."

Lou invites you to visit his shop at 4424 Beech Rd. Marlow Heights MD to see his Clean Burn used oil furnace in action.

Russ with RC Service Center at 1424 Clayton St., Perryville MD says: "I had another, cheaper brand of waste oil heater.  It should have come with a ladder attached to it because I was up and down so much working on it.  I replaced it with a Clean Burn heater - and have had reliable, trouble free heat ever since."  You can call Russ at 410-642-9070.

Dave Barrett with Barr International in Salisbury MD says:  "We heat both of our truck repair facilities with Clean Burns.  Our shops are large, and the furnaces saved us more than $35,000 in fuel oil bills last winter!"

And Bill Cannon of Bill Cannon's Garage in Selbyville, DE used to heat with propane.  He says:  "I've used Clean Burn heaters for years and saved over $12,000 a year on my heating bills."

Please visit our website for more information about our line of Clean Burn waste oil heaters, or call us at 866-888-1103.  We can provide references in your area - just ask!!!

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